A 60-40 Majority For Marijuana Legalization! Ctd

Enten – always a downer – suspects that Gallup’s latest poll is an outlier:

Of the three other polls taken this year, only Pew’s found a majority who believe use of marijuana should be made legal.

Pew’s 52% was far less than Gallup’s 58%, and it, at least, followed the more linear trend of support building slowly over a few years that one might expect. The other two polls conducted in 2013 actually found that more people than not wanted recreational use of marijuana to stay illegal. A survey conducted by Fox News had the number in favor of legalization only at 46%, with 49% opposed. And a Public Religion Research Institute* survey matched the Fox News poll, with 45% in favor of marijuana legalization and 49% opposed


That said, it seems to me that we’re likely heading towards a society in which marijuana will be legal. All pollsters have support for marijuana legalization jumping by about 20 points over the past 20 years. A few more polls that look like the ones from Gallup and Pew will convince me that a majority favor marijuana legalization now.

Just kidding about the downer part. He’s right to focus on all the polls, and not just one, and to see the deeper long-term shifts as the real news here.