Face Of The Day

New York Subway Drivers - Copyright Janus van den Eijnden (8).jpg.CROP.original-original

Jordan G. Teicher spotlights a subway series:

On assignment in New York in 2008, [Dutch photographer Janus van den Eijnden] started photographing underground, following in the tradition of Bruce Davidson, whose photographs of the subway in the 1980s he admired. Van den Eijnden spent hours underground day after day, waiting for the moment when the conductors didn’t notice him or their surroundings, looking lost in thought. “In almost every photo, the conductors are unaware they are being photographed,” he said. “Most of them noticed me a couple of seconds later, but those photos are much less interesting.

More of his work can be seen here. Update from a reader:

This has no chance in hell, but what the hell.  I saw your “Face of the Day” and thought of my brother, who is an amateur photographer from Denver and gaining some notice for his work.  He too has sometimes focused on commuting – also waiting patiently for the door to open: