The Best Of The Dish Today

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Sorry for being late. Had dinner with a friend. Even a blogger needs a life every now and again. I found the combination of Stephen Fry and Malcolm Gladwell (above) irresistible. The British commenters on the page were not so kind. It’s become enormously popular to slag off Malcolm. Usually, it’s because people want him to be something he has never claimed to be. And, of course, pure jealousy. I knew him best a quarter century ago when we were both young and in Washington. But I’d take his advice and not judge a human being at all until you know him or her very well.

We continued our investigation of what’s wrong and right with the ACA. Is it really so bad that few have enrolled when that was the case at this point in Romneycare? Is neo-liberalism at fault? Readers chimed in with their own experiences. And Ted Cruz gets more from the government for his health insurance than your average Medicaid beneficiary.

Could the Pope could destroy the religious right? We celebrated the birthday of BrainPickings – and a parody of Sarah Palin. The Face Of The Day was a stunner.

The most popular post was The Decline and Fall of Christianism. Next up was Ted Cruz’s insurance subsidy.

See you in the morning.