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Experimental musician Tim Hecker collaborated with Sabrina Ratté on the above music video, which draws on found footage documenting the “Botafumeiro” in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. From an interview with Ratté:

Did your choice of the Botafumeiro footage depend mostly on the aesthetics of the footage, or does it also signify something religious, spiritual, mystical, or otherwise?

I personally appreciated the formal aspect of the original video. As I was working with the footage, I enjoyed the organic and hypnotic rhythm of it, the soft light coming from the windows and the architectural glimpses we get of the cathedral. The smoke of the burned incense was the inspiration to use the video feedback technique. It has the same kind of fluid movements, and both seem to dematerialize matter and transform it into some kind of entity free from the constraints of gravity… I was also interested by the rawness of the footage, the unstable camera movements creating interesting accidents. There is absolutely no message behind this video.