The Best Of The Dish Today


Poor Kathleen Sebelius. We took another whack today at her lack of accountability … and then a reader who actually knows something about website development let her off the hook.

Ducks have feelings too. Which is more than you can for these asshole husbands from the not-so-distant past. Or Ted Cruz’s sucking on the teat of the federal government for a large chunk of his his healthcare, while opposing Medicaid expansion.

I weighed the debate between Bill Keller and Glenn Greenwald … and came out on Glenn’s side, just.

What if Buzzfeed had chronicled the Twentieth Century? What if you could really feel with your fingers what is on a flat-screen? Yes, online sex is gonna get even better.

The most popular post of the day was Keller vs Greenwald? Why Not Both? Second: My round up of the weekend’s Dish (and a memorial service in Provincetown).

See you in the morning.

(Photo: me, Aaron and Eddy today, at Dusty’s memorial stone at the Pilgrims’ First Landing Park in Provincetown, Massachusetts.)