You Forgot South Sudan!


The Dish coalition of the willing is even larger than we thought:

After seeing the map of your world readership, I thought I’d send you a note to let you know that I have read the Dish in South Sudan, one of the blank countries – albeit, several years ago, so before both you and South Sudan became independent. I was on an assignment in Juba for several weeks in 2009 and could usually manage to get online for an hour or two a day. The last site I would go to would be yours (hosted by The Atlantic at that time). I’d load it up, close my laptop and head back to my hotel, which had been built out of a shipping container. I’d go into my tiny room, pull the mosquito net around me and open up my laptop. No need for an Internet connection or even electricity: reading the Dish by my laptop battery I was able to spend 30-40 minutes catching up on news and opinions. I just couldn’t watch any videos or read stories below the fold.

I don’t know what they are reading in Juba these days and can’t help you out with Central African Republic. But you should know that your site was very helpful in making a Sudanese shipping container feel a bit more like home.

Another reader confirms our South Sudan representation for this year:

Actually, I read the Dish from South Sudan earlier this year, but I did it through a Kenya-based Satellite ISP, so my views were probably logged as originating in Kenya.

Another sent the above photo in June 2012 (which we never posted, probably because the window frame wasn’t visible):

This is what I see from the window of my “container with a view” overlooking the Nile River at Oasis Camp in Juba, South Sudan.

I’ve been trying to upload it for a couple of days.  Hope this makes it.  I will send the view looking at my window from outside if I can – it’s a lovely place, in its own way (not the rooms, but the little bar/restaurant on the riverfront is great).

BTW, I got the news of the ACA decision here on Thursday before my husband had heard it in Michigan.  I immediately got online to check out the reax of Andrew and others (my connection works much better for viewing than for attachments). Love the site – keep it up.

And keep up the great photos. We actually posted a window view from South Sudan just after it went independent in July 2011. The photographer wrote at the time:

As you’ll see from my submission, I live on the other side of the world from you. I know the East Coast is starting to wake up when your blog starts showing up in my Google Reader. I want to thank you for keeping me up to date on what’s going on in the world! I am lucky to live and work in the newest country in the world. The picture I’m submitting comes from a unit overlooking the Nile in Juba, South Sudan.

One more reader:

I have a friend heading to South Sudan in a few days. We argue politics all the time. I’ll be sure to copy a Dish link in one of my emails to her.