Quote For The Day

“I realize now that my prejudices against conservatives were, in many ways, just as uncompromising as the prejudices I’d often projected onto them. They were just people. Not issues. Not votes. People whose daughters go to school with my daughters, whose dogs run away and come back and run away again, whose hands found my shoulders and who didn’t judge, the night I wept over a friend who had taken her own life,” – David James Poissant.

We can talk and bitch and whine and moan about polarization but why not start with ourselves? As I discovered in the decades fighting for gay equality, nothing is more powerful than entering into conversation with someone you fear or dehumanize for their views. If readers have their own stories to tell – not family but friend stories – we’d love to hear from you about bridging the gap. That goes for Republicans engaging Democrats as well, of course. And it also goes for myself.