Can Christie Complete Nationally?

Drum suspects that Christie’s personality will be a liability:

Something that seems sort of cute when it’s just Jersey—and when it’s something you vaguely hear about third hand—would sink you if you were running for president. I guarantee you that the American public will very quickly become repelled at the sight of a Jersey loudmouth bullying ordinary citizens who have the temerity to disagree with him.

So the question is, can Christie control himself? Or will he lose his temper one too many times during a grueling, sleepless primary campaign? Since “one too many times” is quite possibly “once,” my money says he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Barro rolls his eyes:

Why do national reporters so often talk about New Jersey as if its electorate consisted entirely of Teresa Giudice and The Situation?

New Jersey is one of the best-educated, highest-income, most upscale states in the country. We don’t associate Greenwich, Conn., with loudmouths; why would we expect them to play especially well in Saddle River, N.J.? Demographically, New Jersey is basically similar to Massachusetts, but with slightly higher incomes and somewhat more racial diversity. Like New Jersey, Massachusetts has townies. But when Massachusetts politicians run for national office, reporters don’t pull out “Good Will Hunting” and fret that the local pols are “too Massachusetts” to sell nationally.

The truth is that Christie’s style is less specific to New Jersey than most people (including Christie) would have you think.

A New Jersey reader responds to our earlier post on Christie:

All of you pundits can love Chris Christie as much as you want and you can push him for president, but just remember, he is running against an absolute nobody, a sacrificial lamb who is not someone for Christie to be worried about. And yet, he started advertising against Barbara Buono the minute she became the nominee. The fact that Obama never came here to campaign for her is telling. Even the emails I get from DNC’s Organizing for America don’t mention her. They only encouraged me to vote for the raise in the minimum wage and vote Democratic down ticket.

Christie knew from the get-go that the campaign had nothing to do with Buono; he wanted to run up the numbers so that he looked better as a potential presidential candidate. But how he portrays himself doesn’t match up with who he is politically; he is anti-abortion; he is against marriage equality (I think that the only reason he is for civil unions is because in this blue state, he HAS to be); and he wants even more tax cuts for the 1% (though he will never say so out loud). My property taxes continue to rise, my homestead rebate has disappeared, the schools have worsened, and while he was great when the shore was first battered by Sandy, he’s been absent until the later days of the campaign.

Christie wants to be president. There is no question about it. And what scares me is that I know zero about his Lieutenant Governor (probably my fault). He will stay here in the Garden State until he has to leave to run. Can he be elected president? I don’t know. He is the first member of the GOP I even considered voting for in forever. But I would never vote for him for president, mostly because of the people (Koch, Ailes, Rove and others) to whom he will be beholden. But he is the closest thing to a viable candidate they have at the moment.