The Best Of The Dish This Long Weekend

These videos of returning vets and their dogs never get old:


After Orwell, Camus is, for me, the most baldly honest writer of the last mid-century. We took a moment to celebrate his 100th birthday yesterday. We also published two ravishingly honest poems by Vijay Seshadri, insisted that spirituality is about what’s real, like the best writing, and that science must always end in mystery. One theme unites Flannery O’Connor with the vibrant, fearless women of early Christianity: a giving over to God.

Two dances: one military and hilarious, one fluid, joyful, and alone.

One “formidably difficult negotiation” in the words of William Hague; and one short essay on Israel and Iran.

The most popular post of the weekend was my story of how I found and bonded with my new puppy: Falling In Love Again. Second was The Reality Of Serious Weight Loss, with a follow-up today.

See you in the morning.