A Conservative Alternative To Obamacare

What Avik Roy advocates in his new book, How Medicaid Fails The Poor:

Start by paying a primary-care physician $80 a month to see each patient, whether he is healthy or sick. That’s what so-called concierge doctors charge, and it would give Medicaid patients what they really need: first-class primary-care physicians to manage their chronic cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. …

Then throw on top of that a $2,500-a-year catastrophic plan to protect the poor against financial ruin. The total annual cost of such a program would be $3,460 per person, 42 percent less than what Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion costs. Heck, you could put the entire country on that kind of plan, along with giving people the opportunity to use health savings accounts to cover the rest.

Aaron Carroll spots problems with this plan:

I think this misses a huge part of care. Physician time shouldn’t be minimized. But this plan would involve a huge deductible for everything else. So how would preventive care get paid for? Things like colonoscopies, mammograms, and laboratory panels aren’t cheap. How would maternity care get paid for? One third of births occur on Medicaid.

Would we expect people below the poverty line to have thousands of dollars to pay for deductibles for this stuff? Cause they won’t have it. A baby will bankrupt them.