The Party Of Obamacare

Beutler examines the Democrats’ dilemma:

Even if the White House’s mismanagement of the rollout shakes 100 Democrats’ faith in the whole project, they can’t unbrand themselves. Obamacare bears the president’s name, but it’s a Democratic party creation full stop. If Democrats help Republicans obliterate, it will be an enormous admission of governing incompetence. A “don’t elect me or members of my party because we don’t know what we’re doing” vote.

What Weigel hears from Democrats:

Day to day, it’s very easy to write a “collapse of liberalism” story. Talk to Democrats, though, and you learn that to a staggering degree they think a fixed website would end the general crisis. One month of increased signups—that’s all they want. Ask them how they feel in mid-December.