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President Obama Awards 2013 Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Sorry for the late posting. Dish, AC360 and life.

Four posts worth revisiting: the latest installment in a gripping reader thread on miscarriage; how the ACA can still work; the pioneering of “sponsored content” by “Pay for Playbook’s” Mike Allen; and some clips from my conversation with Mikey Piro, on his war and the scars it has left behind.

Just a word on president Obama’s decision to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously to Bayard Rustin and Sally Ride. Their life-partners were at the White House to receive the award. This president is a good man; recognizing these two American icons and celebrating those who loved them is something I for one won’t forget. Sally Ride’s partner said the following:

I wish Sally was around because, since she passed away about 14 months ago, our country has changed in very big ways. For me, personally, I just feel like I can breathe better, look people in the eye a little straighter. It just feels good to be honest and who you are, and I think that would have been wonderful for Sally, too. Sally always was herself, but, you know, not being completely out there with who you are affects some part of you affects some part of you in some way, and I just think it would have been very wonderful for her, too.

The most popular posts were my these two on the paradoxes of healthcare: why does socialism end up being so much more efficient than capitalism?

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(Photo: Tam O’Shaughnessy accepts the 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom on behalf of her late life partner, Sally Ride in the East Room of the White House on November 20, 2013. By Leigh Vogel/WireImage.)