Reality Check

Iran Deal Support

Americans support the proposed nuclear deal with Iran by a 2-1 margin:

Some members of Congress will probably oppose any deal with Iran on ideological grounds. But a number of them are probably also worried about their own political fates and see high risk in supporting a deal with little apparent reward. After all, if a deal succeeds, all the credit will go to President Obama and his administration. But if it’s less than a total success, any congressman who supported it will be open to attack.

This new poll, then, could free up members of Congress in how they approach the negotiations, giving them a bit more political space to support a deal that has such wide popular support, despite the political risks. That could be a significant asset for the Obama administration in making any nuclear deal happen.

I would note how significant the support is among Republicans. It’s a good sign of a resurgent pragmatism after the neoconservative nightmares of the recent past. It’s also in some ways a vindication of the foreign policy of the first president Bush and the final repudiation of the mindset and policies of the second.