The Best Of The Dish Today


I’m way too shagged to write a proper one of these tonight/this morning. Had a great evening among legends at the British Political Studies Awards and feel myself careening to the first really solid night’s sleep since I got here. Of course, today is when Pope Francis began to show signs that he is, in fact, a world-historical figure. I will tackle it after a good night’s sleep tomorrow. This is not one I’m going to rush.

The best post of the day? Just take a look at the wheelchair freestyle. I’m sure the dude will hate it, but it was my exhilarated Tuesday cry. He treats his disability the way Bowie does hers.

The most popular post of the day was The Party of No, No, No, Never. Second up was: “What’s So Wrong With ‘Sucks’?” What indeed?

Yes, that’s Eddy and Bowie, a week and a half after moving in together.

See you in the morning.