The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #182


Not a lot of entries for this week’s difficult view. One reader:

Not much to go on except rooftop architecture and the river.  Based on my limited knowledge of both, I guess Riga, Latvia.


Halifax, Novia Scotia – unmistakeable. Unless I’m mistaken.

Another is more confident:

That clearly looks like Glasgow. After last week’s contest highlighted the tiebreaker rules, I’m going to accrue an unbeatable number of previous guesses in the event I do actually try and wind up tied!

Another is super confident:

Any graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison will recognize this view of the campus, with the yellow Stock Pavilion on the right, Liz Waters Hall in the upper distance and Lake Mendota on the left. The iconic peninsular Picnic Point juts out into the lake from the left. Harder to pinpoint the window from which the shot was taken, but probably somewhere in Van Hise Hall, the tallest building on campus.


I like to guess at images that look like somewhere I’ve been, rather than using all the technology other readers do. So, it looks like Tarrytown to me, with the Hudson River in the background.

A few others also guessed upstate New York. Or further north:

My wild guess is Quebec City, somewhere north of downtown and close to the river. That could be the Manoir Ste-Genevieve in the far distance, just to the left of the yellow house, and the peninsula could be Sinte-Petronille.

One reader had a lot of ideas:

The architecture reminds me of Germany, but the buildings are too new and the density is too low for Germany. The landscape seems Laurentian Forest, with a glacial lake or inlet, so maybe upstate New York, Quebec, New England, or upper US Midwest? Alaska or British Columbia? The buildings in the background could be timeshares – a resort town?

Another settles on the correct side of the Atlantic:

I have no wherewithal to defend this, but Amiens, France is my hunch. Spent a few similarly grey days there almost eight years ago while “studying” abroad.


This one seems pretty likely to be in northern Europe somewhere, but it seems a little too plain for Germany, so I thought it might be in the eastern side. Started looking at Prague, another place I’ve always wanted to visit, and it is so charming I never got around to looking at anywhere else. You can even street view in the zoo there! And the public art is amazing.

Another heads in the right direction:

The architecture screams Germany – particularly the yellow building with the gabled roof. Looks like northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, which isn’t particularly hilly except around the Holsteinische Schweiz, which also has lakes. Without knowing the exact location, it could easily be Kiel. Butcould also be Ratzeburg, Flensburg, any number of places. I’ll go for Plön.

Another gets much closer:

This has to be Oslo. It’s an image full of Nordic gloom, but also prosperous bourgeois architecture and a dramatic fjord. Not sure of the neighborhood, but my guess would be Nordstram, just to the east of the center of the city.

Another gets a similar hunch:

Just feels like southern Norway on a fjord.  Colors of buildings and roofs are similar to those seen in the area.  No pictures pop up in a quick search – so I’ll just lay my marker on Oslofjord, and let the pros dig deeper.

Enter the pro:

This week’s view comes from Lidingo Island on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. The picture was taken from the fifth floor of the Scandic Foresta Hotel, possibly room 507, and looks north by northwest along a heading of 342.68 degrees:


It was room 509, not 507 – you’re really slipping, Doug. Meanwhile, only one other reader guessed even the correct country. The entirety of her entry:

Stockholm – Sweden – Europe

Close enough for a win this week. From the submitter:

Great to see my window photo used in the contest for the second time – the first was Contest #5, of the midnight sun over Tromso, Norway. Also exciting to see two of my windows from one trip; later in the day I took the photo, I flew to Beijing, where I took the photo you used from the Summer Palace.

As I wrote when I sent this week’s photo, it’s from room 509 at the Scandic Hotel Foresta, on the island of Lidingö in the Stockholm suburbs. From the Street View that contestants surely will find, the building appears to have only four stories. This is because the hotel is a sprawl up the hill from the historic castle-like Villa Foresta. The modern wings have made this a conference hotel. I was there to speak at a transgender health conference. So, if instead of a room number you get a circled window, I believe it is the top floor window visible in the Street View. The Foresta sign is quite visible as one crosses the bridge to Lidingö, and the hotel borders the well-known sculpture garden and museum of Carl Milles – the Millesgården, so this should be a more recognizable view than last week.

By the way, the Foresta had perhaps its most famous guests when the Beatles stayed there at the height of Beatlemania in 1964: