Getting Away With It


Ever break the law? A Minnesota attorney is soliciting confessions:

[Emily] Baxter’s new project “We Are All Criminals” examines the illegal activities committed by people without a criminal record. In Minnesota, one out of four residents has a criminal record, but Baxter’s project, she says on her website, is about the 75 percent that “got away, and how very different their lives may have been had they been caught.” By emphasizing the crimes of the unconvicted, Baxter blurs the lines between criminal and noncriminal and draws attention to the detrimental effects that a criminal record has on the lives of those who are convicted. Many of the undocumented and unpunished transgressions confessed through her project were committed when the perpetrators were juveniles, many of whom are now lawyers, doctors, and professionals.

The above photo comes from a comic-book store manager who swiped a full-sized Dalek replica and sold it for $3,000 on eBay. Read his story here.