The Pope And The American Right, Ctd

Patrick J Deneen’s piece is very helpful. Money quote:

I think it is because of the left’s “narrative of disruption” [about Francis] that the right is panicked over Francis’s critiques of capitalism. These Vatican criticisms—suddenly salient in ways they weren’t when uttered by JPII and Benedict—need to be nipped in the bud before they do any damage.

The American right has gotten used to believing that Catholicism is cool because of its teachings on sex, abortion, homosexuality, marriage and contraception. And that has been a core feature of the theocon-neocon popular front this past decade or two. But it has always relied on ignoring or suppressing the critique of market capitalism that has long been embedded in Catholic social thought and was enunciated by John Paul II and Benedict XVI repeatedly. Just as the church challenges the left on some social issues, it deeply challenges the right on economic ones. I think it’s healthy that the right is now turning on this Pope. Catholicism is deeper, broader and more complex than any right or left political co-optation would have you believe.