The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

The tweet above is a small moment of hope in a sea of upworthiness.

Meanwhile, I cannot get Derek Walcott’s equation of poetry and prayer out of my mind. Nor Jay Parini’s understanding of Jesus as a sacral moment in the meeting between East and West. Alice Quinn gave us, in another sharp take on the power of poetry, the shards of Emily Dickinson’s genius – on little scraps of paper.

Four more: the Zionist reading of Bambi; the mystery of Caravaggio’s Saint Matthew, so dear to Pope Francis; the struggles of the forgotten lower-middle-class; why high IQ kids turn out to be more likely to try drugs in later life; and Daniel Mendelsohn on the critical virtues of the emails students write to explain why their paper is late.

The most popular post was Smart People Get Wasted More; followed by Meep Meep Watch.

See you in the morning.