The Best Of The Dish Today

St Paul's Choristers Prepare For The Christmas Services

A new subscriber writes:

Thought you might be interested in my ‘new reader experience’. Sorry if you have heard it all before. Some questions: What is the policy on reader comments – is it really e-mail? How quaint! Where are the bylines (or whatever equates to bylines in blog terms)? What is ‘Ctd’?

Yes, it’s quaint old email – where we get to edit out trolls and stupidity and focus on the sharpest arguments. There are no by-lines for anyone, including readers. We like to keep the conversation as free from ego and as packed with ideas and experience as possible. Think of the Dish like an Economist-style magazine: all in one voice (largely derivative of mine but spiced up and honed by staffers over the years). ‘Ctd.’ is an English abbreviation for “Continued …” and usually means that the post is continuing a conversation from a previous one with the same title. As for our awards, check this out. For more information about those of us listed on the masthead, looky here. The Bookstore is here. Deep Dish is here.

And thanks. Our plea for free-riders to join the experiment gave us another huge surge of subscriptions this past week:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.22.17 PM

That last spike is you. We’re now closing in on 33,000 subscribers for the year. If you haven’t yet joined and want to spread some holiday cheer to all of us, subscribe!

As for today, I’d like to plug Rick Doblin’s Ask Anythings. You won’t find much serious discussion of psychedelics in the mainstream media, and by serious, I mean coverage that isn’t crammed with bad puns, giggles and lazy stereotypes. Rick’s discussion of what psychedelics actually do is one of the best short takes on the subject I’ve heard or read.

Four others: what Benjamin Disraeli had in common with David Simon; a history of sponsored content; another amazing new Emily Dickinson poem; and a real insight into the genius of Vermeer. Oh and the beard of the week – in the snow.

The most popular posts of the day were “What’s a Bisexual Anyway? Ctd” and David Simon on how capitalists seem bent on destroying capitalism.

See you in the morning.

(Photo: The Choristers rehearse for Advent services and concerts at St Paul’s Cathedral on December 9, 2013 in London, England. Each year nearly 20,000 people visit St Paul’s Cathedral for services and concerts in the run up to Christmas. By Bethany Clarke/Getty Images.)