The View From Your Window


Washington Heights, New York, 2.45 pm.

Update from a reader:

The photo shows not only Washington Heights but also (across the Hudson) the Palisades – the ridge of cliffs overlooking the Hudson River, on the New Jersey side.  Enjoy the view now, while it lasts:

the World Monuments Fund just listed the Palisades as an endangered site of world cultural, historical and natural significance because a Korean conglomerate got local officials to relax the zoning restrictions in tiny Englewood Cliffs, NJ and just broke ground on a new headquarters tower there, undoing 100 years of government conservation (the Palisades was the birthplace of this country’s governmental conservation activism, in 1900 – a New Jersey-New York interstate partnership, promoted by Gov. Theodore Roosevelt, was then formed to preserve the cliffs):


The company refused the request of four (Republican and Democrat) former NJ governors to lower the height of their planned building. It is a big issue in the New York area, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Resources Defense Council, The New York Times, etc. have been fighting to preserve this unspoiled and historic site in the most densely developed region of the United States.

Technical mock-ups of the post-development view now seen in the the photo of the day are attached; they are taken from, which has more information.