A Bike’s Life

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In the short film seen above, Chris McCoy and Adam Neustadter offer a whimsical look at mortality from the perspective of a bicycle. Scott Myers interviewed the duo:

Scott: What was the genesis of this project?

Chris: The original germ of the idea came from the fact that my bike kept getting stolen, and then I began hallucinating that I was seeing it around Los Angeles. I’d see a bike whiz by, I’d momentarily go that’s my bike!, and then I’d realize that it was not my bike and I was suffering from bicycle PTSD or something. I started thinking about what might have happened to my bike after it was taken, which was an idea I ended up discussing with Adam. We’d both wanted to work on something together for a long time, and telling the story of an inanimate object – and humanizing that object, making you feel sympathy for it – felt like an interesting challenge. So we began working on the script. …

Scott: Why give the Protagonist (the bicycle) an English accent?

Chris: There is actually quite a logical reason for the Bicycle having an English accent – the bicycle we used is a Raleigh, which are famously made in Nottingham, England. So of course it would have an English accent. It would be preposterous for it not to.

Adam: We also liked the implied backstory it gave the bike. How did this old British bicycle end up in Venice Beach? You know he must have had some hard miles to get to where we meet him.