The Best Of The Dish Today

Pantomime Dames Prepare For The Panto Season

Ron Fournier dished it out and I dished it back. Just as in the olden times.

Cell-phone users are ruining museums and airports. Beyonce is so now, while Europe’s Muslims remain so very pre-Enlightenment. And the tell-tale sign that the ACA is finally working as hoped for comes in the news of a massive ad-buy from those big insurance companies. Just hold the meep for a bit.

Francis dispensed with another thorny old theocon (with lots of red tassles). And the window view winner was from … well click the link. Almost as cold as today’s Dish reader’s window view from Iceland. Brrr.

The flu is abating, the cards are sent, and the season is … argh, I just hate this time of year. Can’t fake it. Won’t try.

The most popular post of the day was – yet again – How Anti-Christian Is Fox News? The Fournier fisk was second.

See you in the morning.

(Photo: Pantomime Dame Ceri Dupree exits the stage at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on December 13, 2013 in Wolverhampton, England.

Ceri, aged 50, is appearing as Princess Passionella in Sleeping Beauty at the theatre, where he first performed as a Dame in 1989. Pantomime is a Christmas tradition in the UK that dates back over 500 years to beginnings in the 16th Century Italian street theatre Commedia dell’arte, and uses physical theatre, innuendo and slapstick comedy to tell fairy stories. The central cross-dressing role of the Pantomime Dame, usually a mother, queen or widow, is a kind hearted figure, played by middle-aged men in large colorful dresses, and vivid, over-exaggerated make-up. The Dame emerged in the music halls of 19th century Victorian London and continues to this day.

By Mary Turner/Getty Images.)