Democrats Against Peace

Senate Democrats are undermining Obama’s outreach to Iran. Beinart wants the anti-war left to wake up:

Among the senators who have cosponsored the new sanctions legislation are Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York, Chris Coons from Delaware, Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut and Robert Menendez and Cory Booker from New Jersey. These are bright blue states where most Democratic voters would be appalled to know that their senators support a bill that both President Obama and U.S. intelligence believe increases the chances of a third Middle Eastern war. Indeed polls show that Democrats overwhelmingly back Obama’s Iran policy.  The more these senators are forced to publicly defend their positions on Iran, the more politically costly those positions will become. What we don’t know is whether the left can generate a movement strong enough to force that public debate.

W. James Antle III adds:

No sane political party should ever be generically pro- or antiwar. The justice and necessity of each military venture should be evaluated independently, in the context of the conditions and national interests at the time. But while the two parties advertise themselves as operating with different presumptions about the use of government at home, does either party start with a presumption of peace abroad?