The View From Your Airplane Window


Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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Near Atlanta

Near Atlanta, 10.45 am

image (7)

Mt. Hood, departing Portland, Oregon


Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts


Siberia, on the Bering Sea, 2 pm


Boulder, Colorado, during September’s massive floods


Sierra De Gredos Mountains outside Madrid, Spain


“Somewhere over Nebraska”. Update from another reader:

Grrrr, please, that VFYAW is not “somewhere over Nebraska.” The picture shows the western end of Lake McConaughy, the largest reservoir in Nebraska. The reservoir is fed by the North Platte River, and is an important irrigation reservoir for thousands of acres of farmland in the Platte River valley, as well as a recreational area for fishermen, boaters, and campers. Fly-over country may look all the same to people at 35,000′, but it has distinct features known and loved by those of us who live here.


Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, 3.45 pm


Washington, DC

Sunset @ SLC

Salt Lake City, 7.30 pm

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