Exit Cheney, Far, Far Right

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is int

The end of Liz Cheney’s misbegotten act of arrogance and entitlement (trying to unseat a well-liked Senator Mike Enzi) may well be the end of her political career. I can’t see how she wins Wyoming back after this opportunist debacle. But it also appears plain that the reason cited is a genuine one – some crisis in her family – and she deserves some privacy and time to deal with it, and support for putting family first.

But can we please, please find a way to limit the role of pure nepotism in American politics? I know it’s as old as the republic, but it’s just one of those weird, strange things in a country of well over 300 million people, with a robust and rowdy political scene, that it picks the sons and daughters or wives of previous pols and just keeps running them, like mini-royals. It’s even worse in Liz Cheney’s case because much of her agenda is designed (like much of her father’s classless public eruptions these past five years) to maintain a legacy for the former vice-president that isn’t just presiding over the worst national security breach since Pearl Harbor, losing two wars at massive expense, and committing blatant war crimes and bragging about them.

I don’t think the voters of Wyoming should have their Congressional representation hijacked to protect one of the worst vice-presidents in history from getting the historical obloquy he so richly deserves. I’m sorry if that sounds cruel. But I’m not proposing to mock-bury Cheney in a tiny box or string him up like a carcass in an abattoir to make his very existence a living hell. That’s his mojo – and his daughter’s.

(Photo: Former Vice President Dick Cheney is interviewed by his daughter Liz during the 2011 Washington Ideas Forum at the Newseum in Washington, DC, October 6, 2011. By Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images.)