A Budding Tourism Industry

In Colorado of course:

When it comes to marijuana tourism, there could be a lot of profit to go around. Colorado is already a major tourism destination: In 2012, the state made nearly $17 billion from a record 60 million visitors. In the coming year, let’s assume that a modest 5 percent of those visitors come here to check out the legal marijuana market. That would be 3 million new marijuana consumers, which could translate into a lot of money. The average American tourist spends more than 180 euros, or nearly $250, per person per day in the world’s other major marijuana destination, Amsterdam. And over the last fiscal year, Colorado made $329 million in sales-tax revenue from medical marijuana, while serving just the state’s 113,000 registered marijuana patients. “These are really exciting statistics,” says Tripp Keber, owner of the marijuana-infused soda company Dixie Elixirs. “There is going to be a huge economic boom.”