“That Little Serbian”


As Bridgegate continues to unfold, a reader takes issue with an earlier comment:

You wrote: “I think anti-semitism has a more disturbing history and connotations than anti-Serbianism, but we’ll see.” You should check out the history of the Ustaša, which in World War II killed hundreds of thousands of Serbians. They also operated what is popularly known as the “worst” concentration camp, Jasenovac. This is a nasty history, which though it may not rank as high as the Jewish experience in terms of lasting-existential terror, is nonetheless so far beyond the pale that it qualifies easily as among the worst ethnic-cleansing experiences of the period. I am neither Serbian nor Croatian, but you wouldn’t need to be either to possibly have your feathers ruffled by the comparison, for the same reason a Chinese or Korean individual might take exceptional umbrage at a mistaken identification as Japanese.

Got it.

(Photo: Serbs and Gypsies who have been rounded up for deportation are marched to the Jasenovac concentration camp under Ustasa guards circa 1942-43. Courtesy of Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije.)