Whipping Out Their Insecurities


The founder of Critique My Dick Pic (NSFW, duh) describes what the tumblr has taught her about male vulnerability:

All in all, Critique My Dick Pic is proving to be an extremely positive and humbling project. It’s fun and light, but it’s also confirmed to me just how fragile men are; how crumblingly insecure and self-conscious so many of them are about their bodies. That’s very human and understandable, and it’s a terrain with which most women are familiar, but men in particular are exhorted to grin and bear their body issues rather than talk about them. Perhaps that’s why they’ve responded so openly to my project; an anonymous outlet for them to share their deepest vulnerabilities (and to swing their dicks around).

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(Photo: Victorian-era strongman Eugen Sandow poses as The Dying Gaul in 1894. By Benjamin Falk)