Quote For The Day


“Environmentalists have pointed out that Christianity has emphasized God’s transcendence more than immanence, and has drawn an absolute line between humanity and other creatures. The idea of human dominion has sometimes been used to justify unlimited exploitation of the natural world.

But there are other neglected biblical themes that provide support for environmental concern. Stewardship is called for since “the earth is the Lord’s” and we are accountable for our treatment of it. Many of the Psalms celebrate nature and appreciate its diversity. Some traditions have held that the sacred is present in and under nature. Celtic Christianity in Ireland expressed a deep love of the natural world and a conviction that God is immanent in it. All these themes can encourage our concern for the world of nature at a time when it is threatened by our escalating demands … Without advocating pantheism we can say that the sacred is encountered in nature as well as history,” – Ian Barbour, who died last month, after a lifetime seeking dialogue between religion and science.