When Pot Is A Problem, Ctd

NSFW, because Bob Saget:

A reader makes a great point:

Since we’re on to the topic of “marijuana as a gateway drug”, I’d like to bring up an argument I almost never hear, and have no idea why: Isn’t it possible that marijuana acts as a gateway drug for some people because they buy those other drugs from the same guy? I’m sure a lot of people have gotten the Amazon-sales pitch from their pot dealer (“If you like marijuana, you might also enjoy … “). I have never been tempted, but if I wanted to try cocaine or mushrooms, etc., I would probably just ask the guy I buy pot from. My guess is that legalizing marijuana and putting it in pharmacies would limit people’s access to harder drugs for this very reason.

Another opens up about his addiction:

The main reason I would give for being “ashamed” about 20 years of smoking marijuana almost daily and eventually entering rehab is not what you might think.

It’s not that it destroyed my marriage, curtailed my career, and repeatedly saw me leave my small children at home sleeping alone while I was out replenishing my supply.  Even though my habit had me do all of these things, plus steal amounts from friends, withdraw socially and thankfully only almost cause several car wrecks, by far the most embarrassing thing about being a marijuana addict has been having to tell people that my addiction was “only” marijuana.

Despite a growing acceptance in Alcoholics Anonymous of those whose substance abuse was not primarily alcohol, I would get pushback from some members when I’d tell them I only used to get drunk when I ran out of pot.  I tried meetings at Narcotics Anonymous, and the junkies and meth heads literally laughed when I’d introduce myself as a drug addict and later reveal my details.  Unlike the “tragedy” of other addictions, mine was received more like a story about locking my keys in the car.

I am in favor of legalization. I only hope that as marijuana’s acceptance grows, the truth becomes more well-known that while it may be less harmful than many other intoxicants, it is far from harmless, its aura of benign innocence is misleading, and its damage can be as deep as its more sinister siblings.

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