Face Of The Day


Sahara Borja talked to photographer Souvid Datta about his series In the Shadows of Kolkata, which profiles mothers and children in Calcutta’s red-light district:

Can you speak a bit about the children you photographed? What was their day-to-day like? How did you interact with them?

“Children of prostituted women in the area lead varied lives. A few local NGOs run campaigns convincing mothers to send their children away to boarding schools outside the city run by religious bodies. This constitutes a small minority though. Most remain in the area, living within brothels or temporarily hired rooms, and dropping out of schools at a young age. Occasionally this is due to economic difficulties or from facing stigmatization and discrimination. The result however is commonly young women being picked up by local ‘madams’, pimps or traffickers, and young men giving into the area’s gang culture.”

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