Mental Health Break

A dose of Dina for those of you not in LA through February 2 (tickets here):

A reader gets it:

I just want to echo the reader who recently renewed their Dish subscription due in part to being introduced to the demented genius of Dina Martina via the Dish. La Dina’s humor is, well, an acquired taste: I drag my partner to her shows and he sits stone-faced throughout while I nearly fall out of my chair with laughter. However, those of us who “get” her special combination of surreal, haphazardly-chosen song medleys, her peerlessly alarming malapropisms, her wildly inappropriate sense of couture, and her sometimes painful, even frightening “song stylings” … we cannot help but spread word of this truly great entertainer (even if she’s only “great” – in the traditional sense – in her own mind). And I was thrilled when she appeared on your Ask Anything video series – PLEASE feature an encore edition!

That the quirky eclecticism of Dina Martina is featured on the Dish along with intelligent discourse about politics, religion, philosophy, literature, etc. is, for me, simply one more reason that I’m hooked, and a loyal reader.

Update from another:

I wanted to send a quick message to let ya’ll know that the 4:20 MHB for 1/27 is what prompted me to go ahead and renew my founding membership last night instead of waiting a few more days. I’ve been a little focused on personal matters since I got your lovely renew email, which I really did appreciate. That email went beyond asking for money and reminded me, and the other readers, of why we value this site so much and will throw our money at you all to keep this thing going. I know why I keep coming back, day after day, many different times a day – your site is the last one I check before the laptop gets turned off for the night – and it was wonderful to know you all know why I keep coming back, and that you always will work to make that happen. And so you shall be paid for that work!

Anyway, I kept putting off renewal, putting it off, too much to do while I’m trying to put my life back together yet again. I have serious health problems and am recovering from a recent major surgery that I’m hoping will get me back into the workforce in a meaningful way, help me support myself, keep me from having surgery every year or two, etc. I’ve been focusing on the bad shit lately, and using The Dish as an escape form to take a break from it all. I also use music that way, and I am born and raised in northeast Ohio, and I am a Tool FANATIC. You kind of have to be if you’re into not-pop music at all in this area. I also love A Perfect Circle, and totally love me some nice juicy Puscifer. In fact, the Donkey Punch the Night album came out about a year ago with that version of Bohemian Rhapsody on it, and it’s all I would play as I drove to appointments trying to find a doc to fix me. Damned if that song in particular, and that version of it sung by MJK, don’t hold a special place in my twisted little heart.

So at 9 pm tonight I checked your site and saw the MHB set to Puscifer’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought to myself, shit, I need to renew, too, but let’s watch this fiiiirrrrrssssttt … and I nearly fell over laughing at it because THERE’S MAYNARD [Tool‘s lead singer] ON YOUR SITE! In the video with Dina! That other funny looking head is the dude who sings the song, it’s wacky ole Rev. Maynard holding court on The Dish with Dina, singing some Queen, making my day perfect! That was the sign, folks. That is what made me go and renew, at last year’s initial price of $40. Maynard and Dina, together on The Dish, doing some weird shit to Bohemian Rhapsody. What could be better?!

Thank you thank you thank you for all you ladies and gentlemen do every day.

Thanks for all the passionate emails. We make a determined effort to read every one.