A Prime-Time Pitch

If you appreciate the Dish’s live coverage of nights like this one, and subscribed early last year, take a couple of minutes (that’s all it takes, promise) and renew. We’ve had an amazing response so far – almost matching last January’s out-pouring of support – but still have a ways to go to secure our future. You’re our only means of support – with no ads, no sponsored content, and no corporate shelter.

Renew here! Renew now! Or if you’ve always intended to subscribe and have never gotten around to it, subscribe for the first time here (for just $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year) and help us change the future of online journalism.

And stay tuned for the Dish’s comprehensive summary of reax to the SOTU. Update from a reader:

Just re-subscribed tonight. I hardly ever read the Dish anymore, mostly because I’m trying to disconnect from the relentless media. So I ignored the initial pleas. But that was effective to ask for renewals right after the SOTU! It made me realize that you’re the source I turn to when it really counts. Even if it’s only once a month or year, it’s important to me that this effort thrives. So that’s worth a renewal.