A Time-Traveling Photographer

Jan 29 2014 @ 10:04am


In an interview, Jennifer Greenburg discusses how the “American Dream” factors into her photography project, Revising History, in which she inserts herself into old photographs:

I look at casual pictures that I have taken and I notice that the more I look at an image of an event, the more I begin to remember that event differently. Something happens to the memory. It becomes translated into something else — something better than it was in the moment. Suddenly, I remember having the time of my life! Even if, in reality, I had been quite bored at that moment.

With this in mind, I then wonder if the concept of the American Dream was simply crafted by photography: is it simply an ideology made by editing key moments together, releasing them into the culture, thus re-writing our cultural memory? I think so.

And that is my idea behind Revising History: I take over someone else’s moment to call my own, but, I also go on to comment that I am not sure that the original moment was any more real than my fabrication.

(Photo caption: “My dreams came true the day I did hair for a fashion show,” 2013. By Jennifer Greenburg)