The Best Of The Dish Today


First up, not exactly a correction, but definitely worth noting. The lesson I took from the movie “Lone Survivor” was the following:

Exposed to real danger in a way no one in Washington ever was, these soldiers were given a chance to commit a war crime to save their asses, and chose not to.

I’m not taking that back. But it’s worth noting that the hero of the movie and of history does not share that view at all. The book by Marcus Luttrell blasts the rules of warfare as liberal media cant. This captures his views on the subject of executing unarmed civilians or torturing them:

“I promise you, every insurgent, freedom fighter and stray gunman in Iraq who we arrested knew the ropes, knew that the way out was to announce he had been tortured by the Americans, ill treated, or prevented from reading the Koran or eating his breakfast or watching the television. They all knew al-Jazeera, the Arab broadcasters, would pick it up, and it would be relayed to the U.S.A., where the liberal media would joyfully accuse all of us of being murderers or barbarians or something. Those terrorist organizations laugh at the U.S. media, and they know exactly how to use the system against us.”

For the record.

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