A Conversation With John Heilemann, Ctd


In another part of our Deep Dish podcast, John addresses Obama’s “evolution” on marriage equality:

Subscribers can listen to the entire 90-minute conversation here. Some impressions from listeners:

Your Deep Dish conversation with John Heilemann was one of the best interviews/conversations I’ve listened to in a while. In fact, I just sat down, sipped a beer and listened without surfing the web or multi-tasking. Thanks!

Thanks to our reader for subscribing, which you can do here. Another reader:

In the new podcast, you and John Heilemann wonder WHY the younger generation seems so settled in favor of gay marriage and marijuana legalization. To me the answer is simple, and it’s almost always the answer for large-scale structural shifts in society: technology.

Kids are growing up engrossed in a new technology that now links them socially with anybody and everybody they care to associate with. And they’re always plugged into a constant feed of news and opinion via the same technology. In the past, if someone in Florida came out of the closet – either the gay closet or the cannabis closet – their close friends or family members may get a fresh perspective on that issue –  but this event would have ZERO effect on some random dude in Mobile, Alabama. However, coming out today means coming out on all sorts of social networks, many of which have a global scale. Now everyone knows someone who has come out, and it doesn’t just have to happen in your own backyard. And for the younger generations, it’s happening earlier and earlier in life, before the biases of previous generations can be burnt in.

Another shifts gears:

Listening to John Heilemann say “if [Hillary] wants to be the Democratic nominee, she is close to unstoppable” reminded me of Joe Scarborough in 2006 saying:

Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. She will crush Barack Obama. Barack, just sit it out, it’s going to be ugly, I promise you. You heard it here first.

Easy on the absolute predictions, guys. Here’s what I could like about a Hillary run: if she ran as Obama’s 3rd term rather than Bill’s 3rd term. It would like, “I’ve listened to what you make clear in 2008 when you chose Obama over me”. This would be moving forward. Hillary now isn’t the same as the one in 2008, people change. But how much change, really?

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