Immigration Reform Rises From The Dead? Ctd

A reader raises some fundamental questions about the debate:

I am from India and I did everything by the book to ensure I got my permanent resident card. I waited the requisite five years after getting my PR and today filled out my naturalization application. It is a very happy day for me, one I have looked forward to for a while.

Tell me the immigration system – with its huge backlog of applications and long wait times – is messed up, and I will agree wholeheartedly. But I fail to understand why amnesty for illegal immigrants is assumed to be a force for the good. Why should we reward people for breaking the law? And why is it so unacceptable to ask immigrants to learn English? Doesn’t it make it easier for immigrants to understand the laws and signboards in a new country? Generations of Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian – and, well, you get the picture – immigrants have learned English before and acclimatized. What’s special about the circumstances of immigrants now that we have to set the bar so low for them?

I am not being facetious or Fox News-y. I apologize if I come across like that. But these are genuine questions that I would really like to see discussed.