The Job Losses Republicans Ignore

Ezra spotlights a massive contradiction:

In context, the freakout over the CBO estimate is perverse. Is it really the Republican position that we should do nothing – – in fact, cut aid — for the millions of long-term unemployed, but express shock and terror that employed people will, in a few years, cut back their hours or leave the labor force by choice? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about people desperate to join the workforce, who can’t, than about people voluntarily leaving the workforce, who can?

Some Republicans will say, of course, that they don’t oppose helping the jobless. They just oppose increasing the deficit or increasing taxes to do so. But repealing Obamacare raises the deficit, too! So rather than increasing the deficit to help people who want jobs get them, we would be increasing the deficit to make sure people who want to leave their jobs can’t. That’s insane.

It’s not insanity. It’s just the result of a party that defines itself solely by being against whatever the president believes. It’s nihilism.