The Best Of The Dish Today

Flood Levels Expected To Rise As More Rain Is Forecast

Yesterday, in passing, Aaron let slip the following: “Oh, I renewed today, by the way.”

“You didn’t bother to renew until today?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t need to and I wasn’t getting any prompts, but then I saw the little red button at the top right and realized it no longer said ‘Subscriber’.”

See the marital support I get? Then today, after the Dish sent out an email of thanks that reached Aaron’s in-tray, I got an email in response:

Awww… you’re welcome, honey. How very heartfelt and personalized.

Which is simply to say: if you meant to renew and never got around to it, or if you’re still winging it and waiting for the little dog to pop up, you’re no better than my husband. But that excuse just wore out. Subscribe here!

On the latest revenue front, we’ve now reached a tantalizing $99,778 in revenue this February, which is just short of the $105,500 in revenue in all of last February – and we’re not even at Valentine’s Day yet. Help us match last year by the middle of the month. Subscribe!

Today I harrumphed as the Guardian – yes the lefty anti-capitalist Guardian – is now disguising corporate public relations as journalism. In fact, there is no real distinction between the two at all any more:

Many news outlets have kept their journalists far away from the native content creation process. However, Guardian Labs will maintain no such separation. Explained Pemsel: “It’s one thing to say, go to a journalist and say, we’d like you to write that. We would never do that. But we have people working in television and technology and film and general news, and they have ideas. It would be sort of mad not to tap into that knowledge.”

Madness indeed! I worried that religious liberty was being overly infringed by well-intentioned liberals; and pondered the Schmittian roots of Rumsfeld’s and Cheney’s amoralism. Oh, and the inspiring tale of Mr Dong’s Flappy Bird. And the puerile joy I got from writing those words.

The most popular post of the day was Dick Cheney Has No Regrets; followed by The Guardian Now Shares “Values” With Unilever.

See you in the morning.

(Photo: Graves are surrounded by floodwater at St Deny’s Church on February 13, 2014 in Severn Stoke, Worcestershire, England. By Rob Stothard/Getty Images.)