How Not To Say “I Love You”

Paul Oyer hates digital Valentines:

In the old days, keeping track of your friends’ birthdays and sending them birthday wishes even over Valentines-Day-Love-Greeting-Cards-with-Quotes2email took some effort. But Facebook ruined that. I used to get a weekly e-mail telling me which of my Facebook friends had a birthday that week. Now my iPhone lists these birthdays on my daily calendar. When I see it’s someone’s birthday, I can quickly get on Facebook and write “Happy Birthday” or similar on his or her wall. The same is true of sending Valentine’s Day e-cards to even just one person: it doesn’t cost us anything.

I hate to be anachronistic, but I don’t like this new system. Knowing that someone spent an average of 15 seconds wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day takes all the fun out of it. As for birthdays, more than one person has put a birthday wish on my Facebook page consisting of “hb.” Two lowercase letters!