What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas? Ctd

A reader thinks everyone should chill a little:

I just read your post on the absurd anti-gay bill that has passed the Kansas House of Representatives. As an adopted Kansan, I just want to take a moment to assure you that its chances of becoming law are not good. You ask in your post whether there are Republicans willing to oppose this new strategy. Fortunately, state senate president Susan Wagle, a conservative Republican herself, has spoken out against the bill, and in addition to her own opposition, she states a belief that a majority of senate Republicans won’t back it. Kansas has developed a (well-deserved, unfortunately) reputation in the past few years for crazy politics, but this might be the line even our current crop of politicians won’t cross.

Another relays a money quote from Wagle:

“A strong majority of my members support laws that define traditional marriage, protect religious institutions and protect individuals from being forced to violate their personal moral values. However, my members also don’t condone discrimination.” This is huge. As a Kansas resident, I’ve seen the legislature take a hard right turn in the last few years, especially with respect to the cultural wedge issues of abortion and legal treatment of gay people. The Kansas Senate turning against this kind of bill is even more evidence that the deepest red states in America are growing more supportive of their gay brothers and sisters.