Hair Pieces

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Rebecca Drolen explores our relationship with hair:

In my work, Hair Pieces, I am interested in exploring the fickle relationship most have with their body hair.  We consider some hair very desirable and grow and groom it with care, while we treat other hair as shameful and cover or remove it.  Once hair has become disconnected from our bodies, we treat it with disgust, yet it has an archival, lasting presence that outlives the body and defies death and decay.

Last year, Joe Nolan reviewed an exhibition by Drolen:

Many of Drolen’s objects speak to the the kind of mourning jewelry that was popular at the end of the 19th century. During that time special lockets and picture frames were often made to contain a lock of hair from a deceased family member. A piece like “Tweezings” takes this idea to the extreme, displaying a pair of open lockets, one of which has about a foot of hair pouring out of it. This piece could be making a statement about how the dead live on in our memories with a grisly allusion to the contentious claims that the hair will continue to grow on the deadest of corpses. However, Drolen’s lighthearted titles don’t let us take these objects too seriously and they’re only allowed to take on more interesting resonances in their roles as props in Drolen’s fantastical narrative photographs.

More images here.

(Photo by Rebecca Drolen)