The Vanilla Icing Of Rap, Ctd

A reader writes:

I’m not saying the white boy you posted doesn’t have skills, but the alphabet rapping concept, including progressive acceleration, was done a long time ago by Blackalcious [see above]. I’m more okay with white boys having their place in hip hop if they bring their own perspective and style to the table, like The Streets for example.

Another points to a true original:

A white (as in, albino white), legally blind, Muslim rapper from the Midwest: Brother Ali. He’s been, at times, inspiring to those who are perceived as different (a song called Forrest Whittaker); at times controversial (Uncle Sam, Goddamn); and, always, pretty intelligent and insightful (Dorian, about confronting his physically abusive neighbor, and Travelers, about slavery, African plight, and cultural repercussions for acting so immorally then). He’s not for everyone, but he is very talented.

This freestyle by Brother Ali is pretty amazing: