Face Of The Day


For his series Notes for an Epilogue, Tamas Dezso captured scenes of post-Soviet Romania:

[T]here is a documentary element to the photos, which chronicles a way of life that is fast disappearing. The communist-era factories and structures being salvaged for scrap will eventually vanish. Entire villages, like Geamana in the fifth slide, have already been abandoned entirely. The cultures in the area are also disappearing…. It may seem rural Romania’s transition into post-soviet life is taking an inordinately long time, but Dezso says the region operates at a different pace than many westerners are used to. This is another imperative behind his effort to capture the essence of what’s being lost — these are cultures and traditions that have lasted a very long time, and now stand to disappear in the equivalent blink of an eye.

(Photo by Tamas Dezso)