Shooting A Digital City


Yannick LeJacq praises the work of Duncan Harris, who produces artistic “photographs” by taking screenshots from video games. His latest series, including the image above, is from Grand Theft Auto IV:

GTA IV is set in Liberty City, a lightly fictionalized version of New York. Fans of the series have always admired Rockstar’s unmatched ability to capture the mood of different American cities down an intensely granular level of detail. Looking at the new Dead End Thrills series, you can see why. Taking the color out of the cityscapes, Harris recasts Liberty City in a crystalline, nihilistic light. These don’t evoke the quirky humanism of street photographers Bill Cunningham or Henri Cartier-Bresson. Rather, they seem to channel the frenetic energy of the legendary crime photographer Weegee, who developed his signature style (and his pseudonym) by chasing ambulances and police cars around Manhattan throughout the 1930′s and 40′s.

(Image via Dead End Thrills)