Ask Rob Thomas Anything: The Miracle Of Good TV

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 12 2014 @ 6:15pm

Yesterday, showrunner Rob shared his thoughts on fans becoming investors in movie projects like Veronica Mars. In today’s video, he explains how difficult it is to even get a show on the air, let alone one worth being proud of:

In a followup, he notes how the hardest part of running a TV show is the sheer number of decisions, large and small, that need to be made on any given day:

Rob Thomas is an American producer, director and screenwriter, best known for the critically-acclaimed TV series Veronica Mars and Party Down. One year ago this week, he launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time in support of a Mars movie. (Our discussion thread of the innovative, Dish-like project is here.) The movie is coming out in theatrical release and video-on-demand this Friday.

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