Nothing To See Here

An oddly compelling supercut:

It’s called “Nothing”, by LJ Frezza, who stitched together scenes from Seinfeld in which nothing happens – no dialogue, just shots of buildings and a bass line. Nathaniel Smith elaborates:

Seinfeld was the award-winning, best-ever show on television that broke the traditional situation comedy mold with producer Larry David’s emphasis on it being “the show about nothing”. Of course, it was about something, four friends and their misadventures in New York City. But a recently prominent super-edit of the series takes the program’s motto to its natural conclusion, by piecing together every cut-scene and still-shots which gave the audience scene establishing, and oddly, never showed any people. The results are disorienting, a bit existential, and completely nostalgic for fans of the show.

(A fair warning, the sound of slap bass might be a bit much at first, but if you are a fan of the show, you heard that familiar 90′s-tinge sound enough times to make finishing the video worth it).