Bill Donohue Asks To March In A Gay Pride Parade

This is priceless:

He filed a petition with the organizers of the New York Gay Pride Parade requesting that he be allowed to march under a “Straight is Great” banner. He was sure that this was a message that gay people would find offensive. And, being a hate-filled asshat, he assumed that gay people would act with the same animus and exclusion towards him that is Donahue’s standard action towards us.

But, of course, we don’t hate straight people. And we agree, straight actually is great – just like gay and bisexual. And, though Donahue probably didn’t know it, many many straight people – Catholics, even – happily march in the parade each year to show their support for the community. Heck, some Catholic churches even have delegations.

So the organizers immediately said yes. Sarah Kate Ellis, the head of GLAAD and a fellow Irish New-Yorker, said she’d be happy to march with him. The irony is, of course, that the last thing Donohue wants to do is march in a gay pride parade. And now, having been greeted with graciousness, he’s looking for a way to weasel out.

How more perfect could this response have been? You see: the gay rights movement can be magnanimous – and have some fun. Let’s get Bill some rainbow boas to make a splash. Update from a reader:

You missed the latest from yesterday: Donohue replied to the invitation saying that he would not be marching in the parade because he objected to mandatory attendance at what he called “gay training sessions” that, in reality, “address line-up times, check-in locations, our moment of silence, dispersal activity, NYPD safety policies, attire and vehicle/sound permits.”

And the beat goes on …