Email Of The Day

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There’s a real joy and incredible reward in shepherding this little blog. For me, it’s about that direct communication with readers, what I’d call a strange new phenomenon: mass intimacy. To wit:

I’m a long-time reader, ever since you had the white font and blue background – loved that aesthetic. But tonight, I’m finally a subscriber as well. Awkward situation: I’m three beers along on a day when I got to see, on an ultrasound, my first child – stretching, flipping, and, hopefully, searching for truth … and for the first time in my life, I found myself asking how can I convey my commitment to that search. Well, I thought, let me put some money where my mouth is …

It really doesn’t get much better than that. And since we’re at the end of March, here’s an update on our progress:

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Today, we have 28,100 subscribers, and have had revenue of $694K since January 1. Traffic was down from a record February, at 826,000 unique visitors, but higher than six previous months this past year. Revenue this March was $45K, compared with March 2013 which brought us $38K. Revenue for the first quarter of 2014 was 105 percent of last year. We’re growing, but slowly and surely. And with your help, we’ve been able to avoid the ethically perilous world of sponsored content, and do all of this even without ads for subscribers.

You did this and make this possible every day. Thank you.

And if you’re still procrastinating, subscribe!