Your Merch, Your Ideas, Ctd


A reader writes:

Y’all spoil us – who else would let us crowd-source our own merch?

So I submitted this via the survey thingy, but to elaborate a bit: I’d like a t-shirt with a tastefully-sized Dish logo on the front, with the iconic beagle. On the back of the shirt, across the shoulders (similar to a last name on an athlete’s jersey), emblazon it with the blue “Subscriber” button. What better way to show off our Dish cred than by proudly wearing our subscriber status? A badge of Dishness.

One of the more creative ideas:

I thought of this one after finishing the survey:

(continued below the fold)

Heh. Another sent this:


Another reader:

On the T-shirts, I would definitely prefer having a women’s cut or women’s sizing option. Keep it simple and classy (although I did vote for the Mental Health Break on a tie-dye; that would be cool). I almost voted for Meep Meep and Know Hope, but decided against it because they are specific to Obama and although still current, it will be out-of-date soon :(.

Special discount to subscribers? How about a discount on second purchased item? I bet you’d increase multiple-item sales on that type of offer (it would work on me anyway).

Women’s sizes are definitely in the works. We are also considering certain options available only for subscribers – your blog, your merch. Our updated survey is embedded below (if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, please click here). In addition to many of your submitted slogans, we have added a multiple-choice section where you can indicate your preference for various types of merch (totes, dog bowls, hats, etc). The most popular picks for slogans will be mulled over by the Dish staff and mix-and-matched with various designs and types of merch, and we will have an expert graphic designer whip up the final products. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

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